Severance Agreement Review and Negotiation

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Chicago, Illinois Severance Agreement Review and Negotiation

If you are looking to find the best and most experienced lawyers to review and/or negotiate your severance agreement, the lawyers at Werman Salas P.C. can help.  We have successfully represented hundreds of employees obtain additional severance pay and benefits after they have lost their jobs.

We provide advice and counsel to employees who have lost their employment and help them understand whether their termination from employment was legal or illegal.  We explain the terms of their severance agreements and whether obtaining more severance pay and benefits is possible.  We also negotiate with your employer to get a different and better severance agreement and more money.  While many employees will only hire a lawyer to obtain additional or enhanced severance pay or benefits, we also evaluate other work issues, including the impact of the employee’s termination on retirement and pension benefits, postponing the employee’s date of termination, obtaining all bonus, commission and other payments due the employee, reducing or eliminating non-competition clauses, and extending or health care continuation coverage.

Questions? Contact a severance pay and severance agreement lawyer at Werman Salas P.C.