Overtime Rules For Government Employees – Local, State, Federal

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Overtime Laws Covering Government Workers – Local, Illinois and Federal Employees

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Many special overtime rules apply to government employees.  The overtime rights of local, state and federal government employees are often different than overtime rights of private sector employees. If you are employed as a policeman or law enforcement officer, as a fireman, fire protection employee, or fire fighter, or work as an EMT, paramedic or rescue worker, or are employed by the federal government in some other kind of job, you should understand when government employees’ must be paid overtime pay, LEAP, or other premium compensation.

If you have questions about the overtime rules for government employees – Local, State or Federal, we can help. Werman Salas P.C. is experienced in representing local, state, and federal government employees employed in the following kind of government jobs

If you have specific questions about government employee overtime or have questions about your compensation in your government employment, our government employee overtime lawyers can help. Contact a government overtime attorney at Werman Salas P.C.