Care Management, Utilization Review, and Assessment Review Employees

Werman Salas P.C. represents persons across the United States who are employed in Care Management, Utilization Management and Assessment Review job positions and who help provide managed care services under private health plans and Medicaid or Medicare plans. Persons who work in these job positions are often illegally misclassified “exempt” from, or not entitled to overtime pay. Employers often require such employees to work hours far in excess of 40 hours a week, and pay them a salary for all the time they work each week, even though overtime pay is required. This may violate both state and federal overtime laws.

Some of the job positions that employers often misclassify as exempt from overtime pay include:

  • Case Manager,
  • Care Manager,
  • RN Case Manager,
  • RN Care Manager,
  • Field Case Manager,
  • Field Care Manager,
  • Onsite Inpatient Care Manager,
  • Behavioral Care Manager,
  • Behavioral Health UM Case Manager,
  • Behavioral Health Utilization Care Manager,
  • Transitional Care Manager,
  • ACO Case Manager,
  • RN Field Case Manager,
  • Care Manager MLTSS,
  • Case Manager,
  • Pediatric Field Care Manager,
  • Telephonic Case Manager,
  • Telephonic RN Case Manager,
  • NICU Nurse Case Manager,
  • Utilization Review Nurse,
  • Prior Authorization Nurse,
  • Outpatient Utilization Management Nurse,
  • ER Retro Review Nurse,
  • Inpatient Concurrent Review Nurse,
  • Retrospective Review Nurse,
  • Inpatient Clinical Appeals Review Nurse,
  • Clinical Claims Review Nurse,
  • Care Coordinator,
  • Field Service Coordinator,
  • RN Care Coordinator,
  • Behavioral Health Care Coordinator,
  • Bilingual Care Coordinator,
  • Clinical Care Coordinator,
  • Patient Care Coordinator,
  • DME Care Coordinator,
  • MLTC Care Coordinator,
  • Pediatric Clinical Social Worker,
  • Clinical Social Worker.

If you worked for a healthcare provider with one of these job positions and were not paid overtime pay for the hours you worked over 40 in an individual work week, please contact Werman Salas P.C.

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